Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

18 teams enter the Challenge Cup

The draw for the Challenge Cup was made this week.

The Challenge Cup, which is open to all 11 v 11 teams in the league has 18 entry's.

  • 8 teams from Division 1
  • 7 teams from Division 2
  • 3 teams from Division 3

This meant that 4 teams would participate in round 1 with the remaining 14 teams receiving a bye to round 2.

The Operations Committee decided that the 4 lowest ranked teams at the time of the cup draw would participate in round 1.

  • Copper Hawks FC (Division 2)
  • Hooligans (Division 3)
  • Jet Black Scissor Kickers (Division 3)
  • Syntronic Stj√§rnor (Division 3)

Round 1 is scheduled for Monday June 13th

Round 2 is scheduled for the week starting June 20th.

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