Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Looking for a Team

Are you looking for a team to play on? Click the Add Listing button to post your request.

Current requests are listed below.

Posted Date Heading Gender
2022-07-13Looking for a team in the men's 35+ leagueMaleView
2022-07-0719yo versatile player able to play in any levelMaleView
2022-06-29Looking for a team. I’m 18 years old MaleView
2022-06-2535yr old defenderMaleView
2022-06-1720 Year Old GoalkeeperMaleView
2022-06-1420 y/o looking for a team to play on!FemaleView
2022-06-08Competitive Midfielder/Striker looking for a teamMaleView
2022-06-04Left full backMaleView
2022-06-04I can play as a center back or goalie MaleView
2022-05-31Stricker/Midfielder/Defender MaleView
2022-05-29Centre-Half, striker MaleView
2022-05-15Defender/striker looking for a womens team on Mon.FemaleView
2022-05-1026 years old looking for a teamMaleView
2022-05-05Competitive player looking to join male or femaleFemaleView
2022-04-2033 years old looking to play with a teamMaleView
2022-04-17just a kid looking for glory with his teamMaleView
2022-04-17I am 18 years old player looking for a team MaleView
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