Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Men Division 1 schedule is now online

Defending champions GDMS Gunners will be joined by 6 other teams in the Men Division 1.

Joining The Gunners will be

  • Asmis FC
  • Hooligans
  • OFSAA Bound
  • Ottawa Valley FC
  • Strikeforce
  • The Reds

For OFSAA Bound this will be their first season in the league and Hooligans make their debut in Division 1 after winning Division 3 last year.

The season starts on Tuesday May 16th and will complete on Thursday September 7th. Each team will play 14 games but only 12 games are posted at present. The remaining 2 games will be scheduled in last August as follows

29th August
1st v 4th
2nd v 3rd
5th v 7th

5th September
4th v 3rd
2nd v 1st
6th v 5th

7th September
7th v 6th

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