Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Men Division 3 schedule is now online

Thirteen teams will participate in this years Men Division 3

  • Assent Champions
  • EY Beams
  • EY Yellows
  • FORD Lightning
  • GDMS Cyclones
  • GDMS Cyclones
  • Hooligans
  • JDS Predators
  • Jet Black Scissor Kickers
  • Lynwood Lightning
  • Nokia Eagles
  • Red Guard FC
  • Skyworks Skyblues
  • Syntronic Stj√§rnor

The season starts on Thursday May 19th with 12 of the 13 teams in action. Each team will play 12 games in a round robin format.

Following the round robin a further 2 games will be added to the schedule as follows

Thursday August 25th

  • 1st v 2nd
  • 3rd v 4th
  • 5th v 6th
  • 7th v 8th
  • 9th v 10th
  • 13th v 12th

Monday August 29th

  • 11th v 13th

Thursday September 1st

  • 4th v 1st
  • 2nd v 3rd
  • 8th v 5th
  • 6th v 7th
  • 12th v 9th
  • 10th v 11th

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