Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Spitfires Soccer Club join the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

The members of the Spitfires Soccer Club have voted to dissolve their independent corporation and join the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club.

Spitfires had 3 teams playing in the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League in 2022 with all 3 teams intending to participate in the OCSL again for the 2023 season.

Spitfires President Mike Moran stated that the attraction of joining the biggest adult soccer club in Ottawa was very appealing to his members.

“Joining the OASC will provide our members with substantial cost savings while allowing us to continue participation in the OCSL.” said Mike.

“In addition the professional staff at the OASC will relieve our volunteers from the administrative duties of running our own club and allow us to focus on the fun stuff!”

With the addition of the 3 Spitfires teams the OASC will have 4 teams participating in the OCSL, however the OASC intends to grow this number.

To assist with this growth Mike Moran has agreed to join the OASC Board of Directors.

 “We are delighted to welcome the Spitfires teams into our club” said OASC President Tim Baigent. “We hope that other adults in Ottawa will also consider the many advantages that we can offer

About the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club
The OASC is the largest adult soccer club in Ottawa with 1000 players participating in the 2022 season. The club organize their own league as well as entering teams into the OCSL. The club was formed in 1980 as the National Capital Industrial Soccer League before rebranding in January 2022. The club has operated a successful league every year since its formation

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