Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Take a course to become a referee

Would you like to become a referee?  If yes then you can now register for a referee course with Ontario Soccer.

The course has several stages

  • 10 online self guided modules on the laws of the game
  • A webinar with an instructor on law 11 (offside) and 12 (fouls & misconduct)
  • A multi choice exam with 75 questions
  • A field session with several instructors

It is estimated that the course will take you between 10 and 15 hours.

"Once you have graduated you will need to spend a year in a youth clubs house league before you can referee in adult soccer" explained Andy Weston our Director of Referees.  "If needed I can help new referees find a club and I can also check in with your progress during your first season"

The cost to take the course is $135 but referees will be paid for each game they officiate. Click here to see the 2022 referee fees

To find out more about the referee course including how to register please click here

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